Vacation rental, Mid term rental

The Escape

1 bedroom, 2 sleeping areas, 4 guests

This suite celebrates the enthusiasm and exhilaration of surfing, skating, and roller dance culture ─ and gives you a view of the boardwalk where all these cultures come together.  The space is filled with natural light, creating an airy energy that evokes the sensation of being outside in the sun and waves.

Escape Kitchen
Escape Living
Escape Art
Escape Murphy Bed
Escape Bed
Bed Art
Escape Bath
Escape Bath 2

Enjoy ocean views from your spacious private escape. This 1 bedroom suite includes Bose Soundbars, a smart TV and a projector. The murphy bed transforms the living room into a comfortable sleeping space. Perfect for relaxation and and spending quality time with friends or family. The kitchenette offers ample counter space and has all the essentials to prepare delicious meals to enjoy on our large roof deck. Each bed has a high quality mattress, plush pillows and European made linens. 

Ocean View

Beach Access

Air Conditioning

Bose Soundbar


European Linens



Work Space


Keyless Entry

More about the history that inspired the space

The 1960s were a turbulent time in Los Angeles. There were several instances of civil unrest and riots which had a profound impact on the area. Many young people in affected communities sought an escape from difficult conditions and found solace in Venice. It offered a sense of freedom, creativity, and belonging. Known for its diversity, Venice was always an open-minded and accepting place. Young people used the beach to express themselves through dance, surfing, and skateboarding.